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Highlighting the contributions of faculty & student work


Dr. Caroline Baillie

Sand Dunes

USD engineering professor, Dr Caroline Baillie, co-founded the nonprofit organization, ‘Waste for Life’ in 2006. The idea for Waste for Life emerged when Baillie was visiting Mokattam, also known as ‘garbage city’ near Cairo, Egypt. Garbage scavengers were unsuccessfully trying to recycle plastic to sell as pellets. She and her partner founded the 5013c organization ‘Waste For Life’ soon after. The team has worked since 2006 to support vulnerable communities around the world to develop an income stream by manufacturing composite material products (fiber reinforced plastic) from the garbage they collect. The communities develop an income stream which allows them to become more independent from the government and corporate sectors. Baillie is keen to point out that socializing knowledge to facilitate transformations in power dynamics is very different from helping the poor learn how to recycle waste.


Glass of Milk

Oatmilk Campaign

Climate Alliance 2022

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